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Episode 39 | Jerome Myers

February 02, 2021
When something outside of your control negatively impacts your business, how do you proceed? Jerome Myers, the founder of Myers Methods, shares his story with multi-revenue streams.

Episode 38 | Tim Marshall

January 26, 2021
Tim Marshall, Director of Vocational Services at the Colorado Coalition of the Homeless, shares how each person has an opportunity for success, and grit is what gets them there, even through trauma.

Episode 37 | Jan Southern

January 19, 2021
A previous vice president in the corporate world, Jan Southern, made the jump to entrepreneurship with not one, but three companies. She made this transition successfully by maintaining a mindset of grit.

Episode 36 | Justin Breen

January 12, 2021
International best selling author, Justin Breen, shares the 4 basic aspects that make up an entrepreneur and how he built a global company in three years using his determination to never quit. This is a grit that is contagious.

Episode 35 | Gavin Tice

January 05, 2021
Gavin Tice, a Sandler trainer at The Ruby Group, shares how his experiences in the marines have molded his endurance and grit throughout the years. From deployments to lack of sleep to job loss, he is a prime example of perseverance.

Episode 34| Brent Canfield

December 29, 2020
A sergeant in the Marine Corps and the owner of both Smart Digital and Sentry Pods, Brent Canfield has a sense of grit driven by helping others. That’s why he started both the businesses he owns today.

Episode 33 | Brett Ruiz

December 22, 2020
Building a business from the ground up requires grit. Brett Ruiz, president at Medina Exteriors, shares how hiring the right people for the right seat in his business has made all the difference.

Episode 32 | Christine Rossi

December 15, 2020
How do you overcome to obstacles of being a family and woman-owned business in a big industry? Listen to Christine Rossi’s story of being in manufacturing for 25 years. 

Episode 31 | Chris Edmonds

December 08, 2020
Chris Edmonds, the author of No Surrender: A Father, a Son, and an Extraordinary Act of Heroism That Continues to Live on Today, did not intend to write a book.

Episode 30 | Jennifer Wilson

December 01, 2020
From climbing the ladder in the corporate world to making a major career shift so she could start her own coaching business, Jennifer Wilson shares her story.

Episode 29 | Shelley Pippin

November 24, 2020
Shelley Pippin shares how her journey with grit allowed her and her husband to turn what they thought was only a hobby into a full-time bakery and brewery. Listen in to hear how she kept fans engaged throughout the process.

Episode 28 | Margie Tasseff

November 17, 2020
Market President at iHeart Mansfield, Margie Tasseff, shares her experience and the grit needed to merge multiple teams of people while enabling them to work together. Listen in to her story.

Episode 27 | Mark Boyer

November 10, 2020
Mark Boyer, General Manager and Founder of Shine FM, shares how he and his team have stepped out in faith and let God produce the results.

Episode 26 | Chris Chengelis

November 03, 2020
A founder and pioneer in an arena that people around the world and in our very own communities depend on. Chris Chengelis shares his experience being one of the founding figures at WIL research.

Episode 25 | Jonathan Reitz

October 27, 2020
Don’t we all have dreams we wish to accomplish but aren’t sure we can? With a little coaching and grit, our guest Jonathan Reitz explains how you can accomplish what you set your mind to.

Episode 24 | Bryce Riggs

October 20, 2020
As someone who is always looking to make individuals and businesses better, Bryce shares about the grit he’s shown in Seneca County.

Episode 23 | Tommy Rowlands

October 13, 2020
Listen in to conversation with the co-founder of RUDIS, Tommy Rowlands, who chats about how he’s used grit to succeed in the entrepreneurial space and a wrestling champion on many levels.

Episode 22 | Chris Hiner

October 06, 2020
Our guest on this week’s episode has rich roots in community involvement while also working as the Division President of Park National Bank. Listen in as he shares how he overcomes struggles through grit.

Episode 21 | Jim Grubbs

September 29, 2020
Jim Grubbs, the new superintendent at Tiffin City Schools, shares how he is leading the district back to school with grit during the challenging times of navigating COVID-19.

Episode 20 | Matt Miller

September 22, 2020
Leaders are often built from the struggles of the past. Listen in as Matt Miller, Mayor of Ashland, Ohio, shares how his past struggles have led him to where he is today.

Episode 19 | Lonny Allen

September 15, 2020
Meet Lonny Allen, the athletic director at Tiffin University, and hear how he shows strength and compassion in his role.

Episode 18 | John DiJulius

September 08, 2020
From hair salon owner to business to business customer service agency owner, John DiJulius, shares his approach to hard times and how he got to work for brands like Panera, Huntington, and Goodyear.

Episode 17 | Les McKeown

September 01, 2020
Les McKeown is not only the founder of Predictable Success, but also an author, consultant, speaker, and coach. Listen in to his story about nearly walking away from writing a book that changed his whole career trajectory.

Episode 16 | Carlos Campo

August 25, 2020
The road to President at Ashland University was not wholly smooth sailing. Hear about the persistence that Carlos Campo had to reach his dream and continue to instill the same grit in others.

Episode 15 | Jim Hess

August 18, 2020
As someone who leads by example, Jim Hess, Managing Principal at Whitcomb & Hess, explains how going back to the basics has helped him endure rough waters. Listen in.

Episode 14 | Bob Beer

August 11, 2020
Bob Beer, an entrepreneur who’s started multiple businesses from the ground up, shares his grit experiences when a break-through doesn’t come until a handful of years later.

Episode 13 | Khash Saghafi

August 04, 2020
Khash Saghafi, owner of Liberty Home Mortgage Corporation, shares about his relentless efforts in the mortgage industry and how to maintain a forward momentum when it feels like you're down for the count. 

Episode 12 | Amy Woodall

July 28, 2020
Have you ever asked yourself, “Maybe I need to get out of my own way?” Executive Vice President at Sandler Training Trustepointe, Amy Woodall, explains how consciousness coupled with grit can lead to achievement.

Episode 11 | DeLee Powell

July 21, 2020
Selected as Small Business of the Year in 2019 through the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce, Baker’s Collision and repair has adopted the mindset of growth through hard times. Listen in as President, DeLee Powell, shares her story.

Episode 10 | Jesse Leng

July 14, 2020
Jesse Leng, a managing partner and President at RUDIS, shares how he approaches success and failure every day in business because one of them simply is not an option. RUDIS is a top international athletic brand in the wrestling community.

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