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Season 6, Episode 15 | Dr. Joseph Mellion

October 13, 2022
We’re wrapping up Season 6 with an episode that is sure to make you smile! We talk a lot about hardships and the grit shown to get through them. Dr. Joseph Mellion, of Mellion Orthodontics, has had his fair share of hardships, but through it all he was determined to succeed, confident in his abilities, and committed to always treating people right. Hear his passion shine through as we talk about his legacy and what it took to get to where he is today.

Season 6, Episode 14 | Steve Chrisman and Chris Kalina

October 11, 2022
There is no greater achievement than being able to impact another’s life. Our two guests this week, Steve Chrisman and Chris Kalina, of Medina County Career Center, share their story of how others helped guide their life to lead them to where they are today. Now, they work every day to be that guide for others. Listen in as they share their passion for others and how they are working to make a difference through education. 

Season 6, Episode 13 | Richard Blank

October 03, 2022
Do you trust your intuition or have you let fear stand in your way? Have you had a dream that you were just too afraid to pursue? At just 27 years old, Richard Blank, CEO of Costa Rica’s Call Center, landed in Costa Rica with passion and a dream. What was seen as a risky choice, for a young man out of college, turned into his greatest opportunity. Hear more about his decision to leave his friends and family as he pursued a career in another country and his advice on building a company and life that you’re proud of.

Season 6, Episode 12 | Jim and Susan Heiser

September 23, 2022
While we know success doesn’t happen overnight, it is easy to forget to trust the process and believe in the abilities we have. It is easy to forget others’ success didn’t happen overnight because what we don’t see from the outside looking in are the moments of failure, the long hours, and the years of consistency it takes to grow a business. Jim and Susan Heiser, owners of Bullseye Activewear, share this message as they talk about growing their small business into a multifaceted business working with some of the largest names in Northeast Ohio.

Season 6, Episode 11 | Mark Svozil

September 16, 2022
Oftentimes, people are so focused on the credentials they need to get their dream job or reach the next position up on the ladder, that they forget just how important it is to discover what you’re capable of and what you love doing. If you find a job you love and continuously put the effort in, good things will come your way. Mark Svozil, Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Landscape Services at Davey Tree Expert Company, shares the wisdom and values rooted into his lifestyle that has helped him climb the ladder and reach success with a company he loves.

Season 6, Episode 10 | Craig Nolletti

September 09, 2022
Take. The. Risk. With next to no money and a job that didn’t fulfill his passion, Craig Nolletti, founder of The Warehouse 24/7 Gym in Ashland and Wooster and CrossFit419, knew he needed to do whatever it took to make his entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from pursuing your dreams, hear how Craig was able to start his journey as an entrepreneur through a side hustle, put in hours of early mornings, late nights, and hard work, and eventually turn his passion into his full time business.

Season 6, Episode 9 | Tom O’Connell

September 01, 2022
We all make a plan for what we want our life to be; what we think our life will be… but sometimes plans change. The fear of making a change can be crippling. Maybe you’ve worked your whole life in a career and are afraid to start over or frozen by the reality of affording a comfortable lifestyle for your family, but you can’t give up on following your passion because of fear. Listen as Tom O’Connell, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity in Medina County, shares his story of fear, faith, and trusting your gut to know when it is time to make that change.

Season 6, Episode 8 | Dr. Linda Randall

August 29, 2022
The words you tell yourself and the words you are told by others can guide and warp your future. Whether or not you choose to believe the negativity can determine if you follow your dreams or give up on yourself. Linda Randall has faced countless adversity from others telling her she couldn’t become a veterinarian. But, her grit and determination allowed her to believe in herself, follow her dream, and lead her to success as an entrepreneur, opening her own veterinary practice, Cloverleaf Animal Hospital, and beginning her own dog training practice, One Smart Dog.

Season 6, Episode 7 | Ed Gonzalez

August 18, 2022
Entrepreneurship can pull you in a lot of different directions, and it is easy to get caught up in the busyness. But, when you stay true to your values and continue to do the right thing, things will work in your favor. Entrepreneur, and now owner of FASTSIGNS® of Medina, Ed Gonzalez, demonstrates the perfect example of “doing the right thing.” Listen as he shares his journey and entrepreneurship insights by taking ownership and adapting to the changing market and demands.

Season 6, Episode 6 | Thomas Nightingale

August 11, 2022
Do you feel stuck in your career? It is easy to stay in a comfortable situation, but if you want to grow, you have to take a leap out of your comfort zone. Thomas Nightingale took a risk early in his career and decided to leave his comfortable, well paying job, to pursue an MBA. He knew he had more to offer and chose to pursue a graduate degree, while working full-time, to gain the skills and knowledge to support his goals. He now excels as the CEO of AFS Logistics, and continues to push AFS to keep innovating and growing.  

Season 6, Episode 5 | Jim Cutright

August 04, 2022
We’ve all seen and felt the impacts of Covid in our personal and professional lives. Many businesses were forced to pivot from their original plans. When Ashland County Community Foundation was forced to pivot and reallocate funds during the 2020 pandemic, they were able to help others in the community when they needed it most and truly demonstrate their purpose. Ashland County Community Foundation has a unique opportunity to impact the people in Ashland County, and President/CEO, Jim Cutright, talks through the impact he has seen over the years and the exciting new things to come.

Season 6, Episode 4 | Dan Flowers

July 29, 2022
Grit and grind can feel like an escape from anxiety, but until you confront your mental health, what could be seen as a great strength could be your greatest weakness. After Dan Flowers, President and CEO of Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, was diagnosed with anxiety, he jumped right back into work and pushed himself harder than ever. But the fear of having another anxiety attack wouldn’t go away. It took years of self reflection to come to terms with his diagnosis and honor it. Now, he is a strong advocate for mental health and has been more successful, personally and professionally, than ever before.

Season 6, Episode 3 | Fred Boll

July 21, 2022
Humans are creatures of habit who tend to not like change. Fred Boll, Executive Director of Little Buckeye Children’s Museum fully understands the hurdles and challenges brought on by running a business differently than it’s been run in the past. While it may have taken him nearly five years and countless hours of hard work, he found a way to overcome these challenges and drastically improve the museum.

Season 6, Episode 2 | Brian Krusz

July 15, 2022
It takes a lot of grit to become an entrepreneur, but it never stops with that first leap of building a business. From the Marines to starting a business from scratch to expanding that business across multiple locations and learning to releasing responsibility and trust the people around him, Brian Krusz has been through it all. Hear how he was able to navigate some of the toughest and greatest moments throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

Season 6, Episode 1 | Jon Park

July 11, 2022
Welcome to season 6 of Dash of Grit podcast! How do you combat a crowded market with a lot of competitors, high financial stakes, and pressure from your partners? Grit, adaptation, and investing in your relationships with others. There will always be challenges and pressures that arise as an entrepreneur, especially in the banking industry. Let’s hear how founding CEO of Westfield Bank, Jon Park, was able to break through the crowd and stand out as one of the largest banks in Northeast Ohio. Never miss a chance to listen in for tips on building professional or personal development. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, inSpire, and the Dash of Grit podcast.

Episode 84 | Dani Kimble

December 13, 2021
Confidence is key. It’s easier said than done, but believing in yourself can be the difference between starting your lifelong career and missing out on an amazing opportunity. Dani Kimble is no stranger to self-confidence and success. After a tragic leg injury ending her dancing career, she was forced to seek new employment opportunities. After entering a marketing interview with no marketing experience or degree, her confidence and grit are what landed her the undeniably beneficial job.

Episode 83 | Cy Smith

December 06, 2021
Did someone teach you grit, or were you just born prewired to persevere through your challenges? Lots of us just have that instinct to dig in our heels and not give up, but Cy Smith, Superintendent of Mansfield Christian Schools is seeing that quality dwindle in our younger generations. He now has to put emphasis on encouraging grit in the classroom to help prepare his students for overcoming obstacles and challenges in their life both now and in the future.

Episode 82 | Michelle Powell

November 29, 2021
Love. The one thing in life that can make us do crazy things. Even when your water is turned off and you don’t know if you’ll be able to pay your next bill, love is what makes you keep showing up. Michelle Powell has not let anything stop her from helping the children in need in her community, especially when the odds are stacked against them. Love and a lot of grit allow her to make a drastic difference to those around her.

Episode 81| Sarah Robinson

November 22, 2021
We all have problems. Men have different problems than women. Being a single working mother brings its own set of challenges and Sarah Robinson can attest to that. Luckily, with determination and keeping your goals in sight, she has proven you can accomplish your dreams without letting down your family.

Episode 80 | Marques Ogden

November 15, 2021
Imagine living more than two years without a paid job. Could you do it? Sounds crazy, right? Maybe to some. But, for former NFL athlete Marques Ogden, the grit and perseverance it takes to get through was just what he needed to pursue his passions and calling.

Episode 79 | DJ Santiago

November 08, 2021
A fluke. It can bring your biggest blessings when you least expect it, or take everything away from you in the blink of an eye. Just when he felt his life was perfect, DJ Santiago was faced with the biggest challenges of his life. Though it was hard, grit and positivity led him through his darkest moments and helped himself and others to brighter days ahead.

Episode 78 | Mark Busch

November 01, 2021
You’ve hit rock bottom when you decide to stop digging. However, Mark Busch wasn’t ready to give up or give in to his addiction. He needed a solution. After many attempts to get clean, he checked himself into a rehabilitation facility where he found the strength and determination to recover. Now, Mark leads an abundantly fulfilling life, with his wife, children and friends all thanks to his own grit.

Episode 77 | Jason Sanders

October 25, 2021
Hope is easy to lose. Especially when you are calling someone for a scholarship everyday but have to hear them tell you no for six weeks straight, or when you and your spouse battle infertility for months. When you have goals to accomplish and dreams to pursue, you can’t let roadblocks stand in your way. Jason Sanders is the perfect example of how grit and perseverance leads you to where you want to be. All you have to do is keep pushing forward.

Episode 76| Ken Guest

October 18, 2021
At the start of a recession with no other job in sight, Ken Guest made the decision to leave his family business to pursue his own dreams and visions. While it can often be scary when we don’t have an exact plan, grit and determination keep us grounded on the path to success.

Episode 75 | Gregory Brown

October 11, 2021
No matter how badly you want to, there are things in life you just can’t do alone. It takes others pitching in to gain that traction under your tires to get moving. Army veteran, Greg Brown, experienced first-hand the power of community when he struggled to find a job after military retirement. Today, as Superintendent of Medina County Home, he makes a meaningful difference and lends a hand to others who need that extra grit to keep going.

Episode 74 | Colleen Rice

October 04, 2021
In order to achieve success, you have to start with good leadership. Fortunately for Medina County, Colleen Rice provides just that. Her willingness to take a plunge into new experiences and challenges with an optimistic outlook is just what the area needs to grow and succeed.

Episode 73 | Todd Whitman and John Liebler

September 27, 2021
We can all do what we are asked to do. We just have to believe in ourselves. But, before that, someone has to believe in us. Todd Whitman was fortunate enough to find those who believed in him, like John Liebler, in order to recover from addiction through grit and perseverance and succeed as Executive Chef at Sérénité Restaurant.

Episode 72 | Ron Stollar

September 20, 2021
After an almost fatal car accident caused by an oncoming drunk driver, 18-year police veteran, Ron Stollar, was told he wouldn’t make it through the night. With grit and determination he forced himself to stay awake long enough to see the sun rise. Years later, this tragedy led him to become the Superintendent for Medina County Juvenile Detention Center, where he is now changing lives and bettering the future of troubled youth.

Episode 71 | Jeff Smith

September 13, 2021
Just like running a marathon, running a business takes grit and perseverance. Jeff Smith shared how he has set goals and overcome challenges to excel in the insurance field and inspire those around him.

Episode 70| Nate Eppink

September 06, 2021
After facing failure after failure trying to accelerate his career, Nate Eppink was ready to throw in the towel in the Parks and Recreation field. Listen to how he overcame these challenges and found the place he feels he is meant to be.

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